Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A fine line

Seriously, I got nothing better to do

I've caught some seasonal flu and it feel terrible, I get pretty dizzy and tired, its a bad start for opening semester >.<

So anyway~  during our long holiday I've been anti-social and busybody at the same time, pretty sure I'm almost at the borderline stalker. Since I no longer have task like I did when I was in student body I has more time to leisure and less work. I've spent my time online, watching movie, adding few extra pound.

Due to my position in the family, I didn't take the pleasure to hang out with my friends nor learn how to drive independently~ so it kind a makes me an antisocial, I didn't protest against my parent wish to confine from over-social, hell, if God gave me scholarship overseas, I will partying like madmen

PARTY HARD!!! Pictures, Images and Photos

Party Hard Pictures, Images and Photos

I love my parent but I rather protest it without their knowing, I was born to be ninja, every little thing that my parent hate to see me doing, I do it privately.

I even lazy enough to greet them in social network, there's something that stop me from doing it, its hard to know and understand between being antisocial and busybody especially a chat between two couples, gawd I feel like I'm eavesdropping someone conversation, I can't help it if it appear on my timeline. I end up being a "phantom" even if I'm not posting anything I just looking at other people post, like a borderline stalker.

That's all I want to talk about~