Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Obsession and the cult

“OMG, OMG, he is so damn cute, I’m in love”

“marry me PWEEEZEEE”

..and you got the idea, it do refers to those fan-girl that obsessed to Twilight and believe that Vampire will not harm you and fart rainbow, thankfully I don’t have such friend like that…OH GOD PLEASE DON'T MAKE THAT HAPPEN!!!!!

Do you know there this type of fan-girl who devoted shrines in their closets and candle lit ceremonies of worship to their favorite movie/stupid reality TV show/My So-Called Life character/band; A person with extreme infatuation and fixation to pointless real-life person that actually acknowledge them if they ever exist . . . Only in their wildest Fan Girl dreams. I mean I join this fan base in the internet and all of them freaking me up!!!

A friend of mine was also fan of this phenomenon and she never talks much about it, she stated only few accounts in her Twitter, Facebook and blog. At least I know she like them so much and would cry if she missed their interview or show in TV. I guess that okay I guess...who know I 'm just a mild-core fan. I mean I will fuck shit of anybody if they tried to change my favourite music that played in MTV with cooking channel.

What irritates me more is that even though most of fan-girls I know are consider as adult, they always think they are 16 years old girl and from what I see, an attention seeker. Pretend to be na├»ve and independent at the same time, pretend of not knowing something and act like an innocent little girl. Talking how much they love this particular band and forget that ‘hello, I got some stuff to do!’

An intelligent fan girl (I’m not talking about me, it’s another friend) will praise them and at the same time making fun of them and even mocking their weakness. Really, it’s not a religion or saint that sent from heaven to be worship. Anime/cartoon character, TV personalities, celebrities are entertainers to amuse and entertain us. You know, to add some colour and laugh in our life. The extra things after that is up to the people; either to create new religion or just become a fan to show how much we appreciate their work as entertainer. Buying merchandises are actually the work of their manager to manipulate marketing to drain our wallet. I’m not telling to stop buying merchandise, it also a way to show appreciation to them. If they produce music, then we should buy their original CDs. No shit really I did find cult for a particular rock band and even cult for Apple.

What I want clear things out is RESPECT. I’m following one of the classic etiquette; virtue and incorruptibility. A good fan-girl will appreciate their friends if they don’t like certain things, which what friend is all about. You can’t force anyone to like what you like, people are different, and they have their own reason not to like it. I have high morality when it comes to respect, if no one respect me that fuck you for me to respect.

I hope someday, these fan girl understand what other are feeling when they started to open their mouth. and FYI Gerard Way is already marry with Lynz from Mindless Self-Indulgence and have a fine daughter called Bandit, suck it bitch!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My lost thought

Salam, creeping human

If anyone find, it this is my second dominant blog after my 365's project. I miss writing my POV and since my 365 are too public especially my family, and hence I create this.

I also try to keep this site low and anonymous, if anyone find out who I am, shit the stuff out, it's not that I want to keep it secret, I just want to lay low~

...and no I'm not going to talk something bad about someone behind their back, I just want to express my view, perspective, feeling or emotion maybe, if I have one.....

Anyway....the reason for this is....I don't know....maybe you could find it for me, I couldn't find mine. Sometimes there is a thing that don't have a reason and even if there is, it just an excuse to point out your reason.