Monday, June 27, 2011

I will never grow up

I may look like a total grown up and age that hit so called awesome 21 but I'm still in hand of overly protected worried parent.

when I was 16, I never hanging out with my friends only limit to school, I accept the fate despite most of friends were all hanging out and leaving was acceptable, they understand it and I have to sit at home dong nothing but to socialize with my family and I don't have a cousin or anyone as close to my age to talk to during weekend. That was probably why I cherished my school life more than be at home.

when I entered Uni, finally my parent release me and I was wild out to wonder with friends and my brother who are more than nothing to do but to take me out for movie or just filling their boring time. The only problem I had was I need to return home every week with no exception, I can drive but my parent reluctant to let me drive solo. Once I returned home, I have limited permission to hang out with my friends, its understandable, being the youngest and the only daughter was really hard life. I slip this one through =_="

Recently, my parent allow me to drive solo to Tutong which was a big step for me since I was only allowed to drive with escort in my village and from UBD. It was great experince and thank God I didn't hit anyone or anything. when I returned home, my father was a bit worried that I could drive on my own because he said I will go out often, like what~ dad, I'm 21! I thought you're the one who insist to mom to let me drive on my own! Even mum is heavenly sleeping while I drive alone to Tutong.

Then there's a time I want to buy a table, my former table was demolished completely (because it was rotten by termites and I 'm just helping speeding it up). Since I spent most of my time at my dorm I figured that a small table is just fine for me

it was bit like this but more simpler

Then, I have no place to put my other electronic stuff and I have tons of gadget and I need to put my precious printer in a proper place, so I decided to look for a simple decent table like these:

I mean I don't mind if I have this table! as long I could put my laptop and printer in a proper place!

Then when we went to the furniture retailer, my dad was persisting to buy a very big table! It cost 4 times the money I withdraw to but a simple table, he said he will pay it for me as long as the table was his own choice, I was reluctant at first because it was fucking big and I have a small fucking room but both my parent insist and I have to let them pay a gigantic table for me. I thanked them but I feel my adulthood somehow slowly rotted....I dunno maybe I'm just an asshole

This the real pic of my table

Forever be my parent little kid

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Too much of streotyping could kill you

This is for someone I know.....

Another bullshit rant; few years ago, but not too far back, that will make me very old, people know me for being the emo/goth/weird/freaky kid. I admit that I was not that extrovert back then and keeping handful of friends so that I won't be in 'lone wolf' status all the time.
But my classmates were cool and didn't think that difference didn't break us apart, it make us one helluva wrecking badass class.

Anyway, I have this particular friend that I feel offended and not someone that I want to talk to, actually its more like whenever I talk to her my IQ drop dead. Say, I name this person as 'plastic bitch'. This person was all nice and kind to everyone, which is a good thing because I was a terrible jerk back then and maybe still now. This 'plastic bitch' and I were not really a close friend of mine, rather a classmate that happened to be in the same sort of group. Although 'plastic bitch' was really happy-go-lucky, this person has say something that I really really feel dump. I was holding a picture of my classmate that was slightly photoshop and the conversation goes like this:

Me: haha, damn, she looks like that girl, um..... who that new artist that sing (some song that I forgot the title but it was a pop genre song)
Plastic bitch: you mean a goth singer or something?
Me: *poker face*

Honestly I don't know any goth singer or band back then, except Evanescene, I was am into all rock band. Fyi, I also listen to pop music.

So yeah, I'm sorry that I'm not 'goth' enough for you to streotype me. Probably you spent way too much with people of your league that you somehow forgot 'goth' people also listen to different song genres.

Maybe the person is too ignorant or dumb or not in full shilling, I don't know and I rather not care anymore and thank God that I don't have to be with this plastic bitch anymore

I'm not saying names or pointing fingers, if you feel offended by this then go screw youself. If you are the 'plastic bitch' and read this rant then I'm glad that we are no longer connected, so please don't try to leave message (this is not a request.....This is a fucking order)