Sunday, September 19, 2010

My Chemical Romance for 4 fucking years [Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys]

Its official that My Chemical Romance had their fourth album announced, I was only late by 2 or 3 hours when the official release the trailer. Blame me for not waking up early XO

Previously on their First album "I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love" was mostly on the dark side and it didn't make them into the mainstream. I myself find it hard to actually listen the lyrics clearly. Later it was due to Gerard suffered from abscess. The song inside the album not really that despair, one song entitled "Skylines and Turnstiles" was inspired when Gerard witness the 9/11 incident. I thought the concept of the album are mostly vampire theme, it also compromise more classical theme.

The second album brought world attention when "Helena" was released. At the same time they are also labelled as emo and gothic. "Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge" according to frontman Gerard Way, the album uses a metaphorical, fictional horror story, inspired by the band's love for horror movies and comic books, to tell their own feelings about the world and the band. Way says the story tells of a character who was killed by gunfire, and makes a deal with the Devil to see his lover again, but must first bring the "souls of a thousand evil men" to Hell.

With the promising future ahead of My Chemical Romance, their third album "The Black Parade" has taken over many part of the world. The theme are mostly opera and the scene after death. It is also compromised of Gerard story when he saw the parade. However it was criticized as most of the song followed the tuned of old rock band and didn't show their own originality.

After 4 year being accused as promoting suicide, emo label and bad influence, the band finally create their fourth album that was more colourful than their previous album. The trailer has shown the fun, comic, colourful side of the band. It was either bring them a good review, new evolution of music or divide the fans as some fans still prefer their old black, white and red colour.

After 3 album saving many fans, the band are now try showing their fanboy side of comic book to the fans.

I don't mind, I myself are very random person and I glad that MCR finally took some colour but this time they go Punk and kick someone ass to save the world. My thought was that they want to make this album different for their kids, both Gerard and Frank are proud parent for their little girl.

My fantasy when I saw the trailer is that they would collaborate with Jrock, (Hyde or Vamps or L'arc en Ciel =3) since it was all cosplay, making the surreal comic with eccentric outfit alive, with some touch of west style anime.

Yes, I like woah O_O (pervert)

This they say the ladyboy, I like him! Hard to find a ladyboy who know how to kick ass in totally awesome way!!!

I thought it was chick when I saw this!!!

I was like, it's you Gerard? =.=" he become too slimmer!!!

Mikey really need more luck than that XD

"yo bitch, we are back and this time we will kill those Daily Mail fuckers with ray gun" or "did you say we are emo?"

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