Thursday, September 23, 2010

screw your good deed!

Aside from my lack of social interaction with fellow human, I realized that whenever we did something good or beneficial to individual or society, it was either left unrecognized or people doesn't seem to bother. A quote said that "The problem of punctuality is that nobody is there to appreciate it." I always been punctual, I don't like being late nor do I want people to wait. How could they be okay with being late? I mean we already have the stereotype of "Malay promise" which mean if they say to come at 7.30am, they will get ready to wake up at 7.30am and be there at 8.45am.

I myself have been suffered this social virus a lot. I rarely talk about my achievement because my society believes that it is impolite to talk about your pride too much. People will think that you are too ego. So I keep my decency and people didn't know much about me but they know all my bad (truth or simply made up) even if I didn't show them.

Being in university in my family is a good thing and I rarely talk about it unless I'm with my cousin who shared the same place as they understand how the lives inside that pithole like. Whenever I come to family gathering, I was always mistaken as being in the secondary school or already find a job rather than continue my study.

I did good deed like picking up the rubbish in my best dress and clean the my school area voluntarily and no one seems to bother. I don't mind tough since I do it without actually draw people attention. I also do whatever shit my mom throw at me and she only acknowledge only that time and when I did something wrong, she will remember it most of the time.

That probably why some people rather do bad stuff to bring attention to the individual and good deed left wasted and forgotten in time.

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