Monday, November 15, 2010

Like a 16 years old girl who just discover email

Yeah you heard me, 16 years old girl! Before I rant it out what the hell is this post is about, why people always complain about 16 years old girl? In my experience when I was 16 is that this the time where you are about to shape who you are, it is either you follow the plastic path of eating disorder or an overly excessive emotional or stay in the corner of the dark and cursing the world or whatever hell do you want to be.

I live the hardest choice of my life during this age, I admit My Chemical Romance shape my attitude and become your truly. I’m among those fans that really thankful to My Chemical Romance to produce “I’m not Okay (I’m Promise)” because this song really told us to don’t take anyone shit, live by your life, be who you are and don’t be afraid of what people judge you. They maybe don’t read this shit but I want to say Thank you for saving my life.

It was not only My Chemical Romance; I’m also an avid anime/manga freak. I draw comic like nobody business and I did pick up some aspect of Japanese culture and anime-fan culture and to what I learn recently it is called Wapanese. Basically Wapanese is a bunch of assholes people who violated English and Japanese, combining Japanese words into a complete different language to sound cute and have highly unhealthy obsession to become Japanese citizen, at first it was yeah it sound nice but some of them make you want to take a chainsaw and cut them into pieces. My seniors has it, my juniors has it, my friends has it, but on the basis of neutralism; I respect those Wapanese who went to Japan, learn proper language of Japanese and I may consider them as pro-Japanese rather than Wapanese.

Don’t get me wrong and start a campaign against those who hate anime, manga or anything related to Japanese. I mean I still love them and people have the right to hate or like something. You can’t take the person and start -mindfuck- hypnotise them to do against their will! Unless its religion matter but you are not allowed to hypnotise them! Kill Them: A dead Wapanese is a good Wapanese. A lead pipe to the base of the skull is a sure fire way to get them down. Afterwards, a chainsaw can be used to deliver the much deserved mutilation. Mutilation is necessary for preventing them from becoming Wapanese zombies (or at least preventing said zombies from being able to move)

I’m probably the rarest product of anime fans, I love Yaoi, but despise of having the same stereotype, black hair overcome blonde, dominant partner always be bigger, elder, richer, powerful, businessmen, muscular, manlier, influential, taller, sadistic bastard and the bitch is the opposite way…even they tried to exchange the character it is still the same shit. I mean yeah, trap, ladyboy, students screw on teachers, vampire just love his human pet…..I need something new and exciting! I still read some manga tough but not that really liking it. Yes some bastards from Deviantart also hate Yaoi but I don’t give a damn, it is either hate it or leave it

Yeah, start to bitchin’ out is what I will do for the exam, I miss ranting my lungs out at my old blog. Kill Them Again: If at first you don't succeed, try, try again

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