Monday, November 15, 2010

Kill before what tomorrow bring to you

If you choose to be in state of comma and living your dream, would you favour it over the fucking shit we are having?

Most of us probably rather be in the happy life without pain, suffer…to be in the world where you could be love and be love.

What I should critise for this one? Are they afraid of being hurt? Hurt by someone you truly trust? Unless we a type of human who consume self inflicted wound then that is a different case. Human try it very hard to avoid pain, sometimes we afraid to move forward because we afraid that it could someone that dearly to you get hurt, we just hate to feel that way aren’t we?

If the decision was to choose to could take a pill and place ourselves in a limbo and to believe the idea that project inside our mind to be real, would you take it, no more pain, no more suffering. Just happy thought, place, no people and even you can hurt you…you are safe in your own dream.

Well I believe in God and have faith in Him that he won’t create a world that completely sucks. He creates this reality, the best that He created for us. I won’t dwell on His attributes or why evil exist (philosopher still looking for answer).

Sure life is really unfair, that pray alone couldn’t change the world and reality. Then our body exists to assist our mind to pursue our will. I believe that whatever happens, it should have reasons, that I just letting my hope that whatever happens are for the well-being harmonious universe. Life sucks, we all know that, but sitting in the corner and cursing the world won’t help to change what damage that has been done. Scream, sing, rant it all up, express whatever bother you..then slap yourself in the face and stop fucking sulking yourself! You cannot turn back and change the ending; you could look back and rebuilt yourself.

You can't go back and make a new beginning. But you can start over & make a new ending” 
(Chico Xavier, Brazilian medium)

Sometimes hopes for humanity become slim but that doesn’t mean we follow the pattern....we are our own king and queen, choices are freedom.

Well I just love the reality, for me only pain can prove that I’m still alive and to be in this horrible place earth, being in the happy place without pain itself kind a creep me out, nothing is perfect not even you, me, fish and chips and your mom!

Yeah, that was why drug was invented

So in the end, my advice is don’t do drug.

Yeah, stop being a pussy and accept that you suck at Photoshop or something and try to over turn that shit!

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