Tuesday, November 23, 2010

How much bliss is ignorance?

“Ignorance is your new best friend”

Ignorance by Paramore
I usually hate those ignorant bastards that make me want to explain what has happen around the world like

Zzah: ‘Hahaha, Clouseau make fun of the Pope in Pink Panther movie!’

Idiot: ‘Who is the Pope? Why people look up to him?’

As much I could just take a rifle and blown idiot mind...let review something first...

I tried to divide between ignorance idiot and blissful ignorance, so basically those ignorance idiots are asshole people who simply didn’t take notice what happen be it locally and internationally. Whether they don’t care or just really an asshole, no really, all they care is their own wellbeing, who know maybe they are too busy touching themselves or too busy watching other people touching themselves. I mean I thought Internet was invented to send vast information without a limitation of space and time, share information and stuff like that, with the exceptional of some disturbing information, graphic image and viral video of cats doing something. Even Brunei internet still a big joke, newspaper should be the best alternative to gain new information. Get your ass off your couch and read something! Don't be ignorant bastard who doesn't care about other or shut your eyes from today global problem!

That kind of people just really piss me off, I know it is not my place what you should do every day but life only once, why wasted with something that make no muscle movement? What the used of our brain if we couldn’t gain any knowledge?

You never know much a small bit of information could change the way you see thing

On the other hand, there always be two side of a coin. There are few things that best left uninformed. Other than porn, yes that too. I knew someone who is very ignorance about racism, that person is really blissful, he treat every human living the same, be it minorities, tourist, anyone without looking the colour of skin or dialect. You just don't care what other are thinking

Certain thing should leave uninformed, it would be better if I didn’t know anything about Daily Mail blaming My Chemical Romance for the death of Hannah Bond. It hurt me so much that a band that once save my life could be accused of suicide cult. If only I could just shut my eyes and ears to hear any negatively comment about the way I handle my life, what the fuck are you care if I didn’t become Barbie doll?

There is a time where I should be ignoring at something and let it be, celebrities gossip (this one really piss me off because the writer just wrote whatever shit without proper evidences), racism, negative comment about my personalities and the way I handle my life, anything that is not my interest (but some idiots like to brag it on), whatever bitter memory I have with my friends that sometimes cause an awkward moment when I meet them. Although some people wish it could be delete or alt-ctrl-del the ugly memory, I can’t do that even if I’m suffering short-term memory loss, I have good memory when it come to old memories. All I can do is to ignore that shit and I have to move on.

I’m currently ignore people past, I don’t care what people say about them. I don’t know and I don’t care, I only judge people by God’s gift, my two blurred but still functional eyes. Even by that I can’t truly understand them because they are their own king and queen. We never know what the fuck they are thinking without consulting them. I rarely reading some emotional status on Facebook and Tweets, I find them disturbing!

“Don't explain your feelings. They belong to you”
Paulo Coelho

Unless you are seeking professional help then I suggest you should go to psychiatrist. If you want someone to take notice or pay attention of you then you may doing it right. Probably someone out there care and will do everything in the world to comfort. I don't care, I rarely update my status anyway.

“Behind a cold face there is always an insecure heart”
Paulo Coelho

We never know....

Anyway I’m a big fan of @Paulo Coelho, he is a great writer, not like any motivational writers, he know how to explain human mind and that makes me respect him. I usually hate some whatever emotional breakthrough and motivational shit, but Paulo way of writing is very different and unique. I've become his fan since I read his book “Like the Flowing River: Thoughts and Reflections”


  1. Totally agreed. ;D
    I have this asshole friends too.
    When I said about things like;
    "That *insert person name* was so cool in Resident Evil !!(contoh)", and they'll ask me, "WTF is Resident Evil?"
    It's annoying how they become so ignorance.

  2. Yea, I'm fine if they didn't knew something but it is a hell lot of annoying when they didn't know everything. Like although I'm not into literature and all that stuff, I know something like "Phantom of Opera" or "Moby Dick" but some of my friends are fvcked-up because they are having 0% knowledge of it, just because it is not their interest. I feel more stupid to answer them >__<