Friday, March 18, 2011

I study better with the presence of human than monkeys and ghost, you?

Photobucketeat someone!

Some people expect too much from us, especially when I lived in a society that expect more than just regular ABC and 123, heck I lived in an environment that entertainments are fucking social illness. My teenhood was among trouble anti-social teen case and partly due that nobody seems to care about my interest.

In my Universities, I never realize how I felt like prison until I went to New Zealand and there I stay at Queen’s street for 4 days. Luckily we were very close to a University there and foreigners are common to the local. Not exactly that I really want to focus on, what I like about it was that the University was really close to hustle bustle of the crowd, there was cinema, restaurant, bookshops, hotels, grocery stores, hell, there’s even a hall for concert! Everything was within walking distance! What really great about the university was that the area was not entirely prison of all study and no fun; there are some other thing that makes you enjoy, live, life, rejoice the University life. I mean, if we just meant to study everyday without entertainment then we are nothing but a computer that save data and all that. Here, it was hard enough to arrive at nearby shop without car and the closest entertainments I get in my campus compound are my laptop, my broadband and my drawings.

Taken from my old blog in 365, yeah, Queen Street is a cool town

So yeah, I feel betrayed when my lecture told me that, uni-life was wonderful and awesome. Well, I enjoyed that few months after my brain chained with assignments. I mean, was entertainments something to grab with too much effort? It cheap but took a lot of fucking effort to enjoy it. If I didn't went home every week I might as well turn myself upside down, walking on top of the roof or even date with some monkey in the campus.

That just another problem why the quantity of cars keep increasing in Brunei (apart from cheap price), not everything come within walking distance and some shops are really close to main road that well, makes you vulnerable and embarrassed to walk with. I myself didn't drive car to UBD and if I did I went out relieving my stress like nobody business and think about gas money later. It is stressful enough that once you step out of the campuses building you see; well, another lecture buildings.

Some may say that what if the students in campus will go ahead party instead of studying, for the love of God, uni students are adults who are old enough to think and make choice; we know when to enjoy life and when to study hard and work our ass for assignments. Probably there is also some may argued that not all people agreed that some students couldn't work better in hustle bustle condition of the city or town. Well of course certain compound of our uni is quite enough that only the sound of wind and monkey swinging around from trees to trees can reach (yes, my RC and library).

I’m not just talking about for the sake of stress relieve, I’m also wanted to point out that while not all student in our uni have cars to mobilize around and have to sacrifice “water face” to ask for friends help, it also convenient enough for the admin to let another grocery shop to be establish within the compound for the sake of the RC residents.

My mother told me that in their hostel, they have this small shop for the residents to buy food, kitchen utensils and even stationeries! And the awesome part is they are not even uni students! Why? Oh why we don’t have this? Do they think that all uni have cars and just the existences of small shops are waste of time and space? Wait, oh yeah, we do have that, but it close after dark..oh never mind. Most probably they just thought about the parking space for the convocation and when that happen, the compound will occupied with oh so many  cars like during the major slavery trade from Africa.

Yes, its cruel, imagine the people inside are cars, that going to happen when big event pop-up in Brunei

Then again, I don't know the reason why they isolate us from the town or a bit far to reach another community, I'm just sayin...

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