Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Anime Review: Blue exorcist

First, let me be in my fan girl mode first......RIIIIIINNNNNN!!!!! <3

It been a while since I watch some good anime that didn't involve these

-girls with spoiled attitude and sexual object
-male character who supposed to be the main character are useless
-too many boobs or fan service
-too cliche
-blah blah blah yada yada

for example: Esther from Trinity Blood

"oh, I'm so innocent and fragile, why is everybody love me? why he never want me? oh my I hurt, help me please~"

okay, I don't like her! But the anime was good!

I saw plenty of Blue exorcist fanart around DeviantART and I decided to open my heart for some anime and it was pretty good!

The element presence in the anime really suited to my weirdassfetish of brotherhood, fatherhood, sanctity, paranormal and twin brother. As always my favourite character have to die, ALWAYS!


Anyway, the anime is about a teenage boy name Rin who live in a monastery with his family. Rin, the main protagonist of the story is kind-hearted boy with some attitude and people didn't like him because of his unearthly power and ability. Only the worker, his father and brother understand and love him. Little that he know that he actually have demonic blood flowing through his veins and a human body. His 'REAL' father come to earth and wanted to take him but he refuse because he wanted to protect human (good kid) and now he become a full demon and become exorcist.

Introducing Rin, the main character

In the first episode, there is some sensation of Western aura that might involve in the anime despite the main character attend regular Japanese middle school and struggling with his future after he finished his middle school. He was raised in a monestry and have a twin brother who is more smarter than him but love him as much.

Yukio, the main character younger twin brother

So here you got some loving family with lovely neighbourhood, a brat who is really good at heart but find it hard to make people like him.


and then bang! Demons come and wanted to take Rin to Hell

just another good day turn bad in anime world

...somewhere in my heart I knew his father have to die, every movie or drama must have a "stresser" to make it interesting no?


Too bad, I like his father, he remind me of Father Anderson of Hellsing

Hell yeah! Not your average Reverend

or maybe because of the glasses :9

I like pious old men who know how to kick some demon ass =D

The brotherhood is very interesting, its not your average twin brother from Ouran High School Host Club Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin or some brotherhood of long battle trying to kill each other like Itatchi and Sasuke or Cain and Abel

(all hail brotherhood!)

(Hikaru and Kaoru)

umm...it's bromance....

 umm....still a bromance....


Okay, it just a fanart.....don't get me wrong I love incest but they only exist in fantasy, just fantasy! I can't bare myself if it exist in real human form! It just wrong! No way!

Itatchi and Sasuke was first like....

and then they were all like....

and Itatchi was...

....in the end they were all...


If you know the Bible story of Abel and Cain, Trinity Blood have the story more or less the same, there is no love between them, just two twin brother try to kill each other

Although Rin and Yukio have strong bonding, Rin didn't want to get his brother involved in his conflict as both have different personality and status in their school. There are some friction between them but they managed to solve it anyway, in the end Rin and Yukio just have some silly issues between brothers but they are protecting each other.

You know what like brothers are like~

Rin and Yukio shared the same room in their dorm so it's easier for Yukio to check on his demon brother

Some argument on Yukio position as exorcist but Rin didn't know it up until their father death

Rin: I’ll eat it!
Yukio: Nii-san, are you all right?
Rin: Granny is calling me…
Yukio: What?! We never even met her! Wait, don’t you dare follow her!

Maybe, brotherhood turn me on, I dunno, I just like brotherhood~

wait, too early? XD

......and I really like their relationship with their father, he love his two son unconditionally and treat them with love (in his way)


Overall this anime is great, the main character have the promising charisma and personality that will make the anime interesting. The chemestry between characters are also dynamic and make me wanted to watch the episode more. The story itself is entertaining, all and all its worth to watch for whole season and I hope they could make another season and continue to be this great

I gave it 3/5

P/S: it's only air 6 episodes, so I want to see the development of this anime =)

Okay, I'm in my fan girl mood over these series because its been a while since I watch a good anime =D

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