Saturday, August 4, 2012

I rather stay at home

I don't like being in the company of my colleagues of COP that we take last semester, personally I don't hold any grudge with them....yes, I experience some irritation and bullshit but I rather not kill someone when we lived together...the chances of getting caught is just too high.

Anyway, on the group mate decided to have sungkai gathering, I rather not join since I don't like going to capital from my home and back again. It's tiresome, I even went out in the morning with mom so I'm not really keen to join. Eventually the one I'm wish not to have any interaction willingly drive me there and even after the sungkai she took me round the capital to Jp that it was my first time to come home around 11.30pm. My mom trusted her as she is a married woman and lived in the same village, furthermore, she's the one driving..I have no objection and responsibility for her fuel.

The sungkai is nice tough, but I don't like when they bitchy with the waiters and laugh out too fucking loud...sometimes I don't engage in the conversation, simply because they talk about shoes, shopping, boyfriends and other stuff that I don't really care. There's only a guy among all of us but he was busy quarrel with other girls.

Among all girls I don't wear heels, make up, proper tudong (I did wear but it was 2 days old) and wore my usual T-shirt and jeans, while they wore...something else fashionable. I did try engaging but you know, their conversation are just to normal and boring. While most of them collecting money to prepare themselves for their future with husband, I collecting money to buy new desktop for my Photoshop enthusiast, like Asus motherboard with Intel core i5 or i5 with SSD for scratch disk and Window 7 Professional as operating system, basically I'm looking for ultimate graphic workstation and by the time I said all this shit, they just said...ahhhh..

I don't have any commitment so far and desperatly looking for one, everthing comes and goes by Allah's will (in other words, I'm just too lazy to look for one) good thing my family is education oriented, so family extension can come out second. But if I don't do good for my degree, I might be force to settle down but nah...still too early hahahah

Somehow I feel like my COP colleagues look down on me for being single with no commitment so far and the fact that I was silent most of the time. I was tired okay! I remember they said that if I have a boyfriend they might thought the world will come to an end. Yeah, me either and pretty sure my mom would roll down the floor and laugh about it.

...and we went Coffee Bean for an hour, spending another hour in shoe shop and came home tired as fuck.

I seriously hope that's the last time we hang up....


  1. HAHAHA sabar saja. I salute you for trying to blend in and I know it's tiring to meet their level of expectation when you just can't hehe. Screw them and be yourself. :)

    1. yeah...I rather stay at home...i don't like loud and disrespectful people, it just annoying haha