Saturday, August 25, 2012

some people are rude

When it come to drawing.....I just hate people offline

In reality, few I knew drawing manga/cartoons really well. Some prefer other types of arts, I rarely show my drawing unless the people appreciates it, I don't want wasting my time to impress people that speak lowly of my favourite form of art.

Drawing has been my flesh and blood since I learn how to hold pencils...I never quit drawing as it is my way of escaping some fucked up world. I draw out my feeling every time I draw and hence all my sketches are still kept inside my room for years. Disposing my old drawings means throwing away some part of me. Some people don't really understood my affection and addiction to drawing, I draw like I breadth air, it just naturally flow through my mind and veins.

In the past I don't like taking people request to draw because I will give away what I draw to someone else and never see it again. I rather draw for my mindless self indulgence so I could keep the drawing to myself. I only draw to someone else if I knew the person will appreciate and look after it.

Slowly, I crawl away from my own taboo as more people knew that I could draw well but I rather kept it a secret and lay low. Recently I made a drawing for my friends but tried my best to put any feeling on it so I won't regret it later. The drawings was a birthday gift so I won't be pressured about request and complain.

However, lately I was asked, I repeat ASKED me to draw, I was reluctant at first...but I was pressured was given money upfront to do it. Hence I made the sketch and showed to him but he was being ass telling me I'm better than this and he imagined something far more sophisticated than my own ability can imagine. So I redesigned and to whatever fuckkery he asked for and I decided to take a break from it because I need my "artistic space" but he just being fucktard and told me to it faster. This kind of attitude really slowed down my desire to continue, it's degrading my motivation and just fucked up my own personal space! This is one the reason why I don't like when people asking me to draw something, people keep asking for more, wanted to change this and that and harassing and thrashing my drawing skill (it's not even a critique). Some people don't get it! Some people thinking we drawer are heartless cold drawing machine that fixed everything, we are not some fucking god to do that!




I'm done venting my back to Photoshop and done that piece of shit

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